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Comments from past students...

  • I did want to let you know how much I have appreciated the sessions I've attended. You have a great way of getting quickly to what users need to know in order to work efficiently. I feel the few hours I have spent in your sessions have saved me  a lot of frustration and wasted time trying to find where things are in 2007 (and who has time to look at things while they are at work!).

    I also appreciate your easy style and sense of humor. Your website has some great stuff on it too. Thanks!

  • I just want you to know that you have saved Lindsay and I HOURS and HOURS of work! I have had so much fun using the formulas and functions (especially VLOOKUP) and appreciate you taking the time to help us.

    THANK YOU again so much!

  • The instructor was excellent, very friendly and made the course very interesting.
  • The instructor was a wealth of information, and able to address the various learning levels of the students very efficiently. Also presentation style was engaging & positive - able to liven up what could be 'boring' information. After years of  'resisting' Excel, I am now converted! Thank you for all the energy you put into presenting the information as completely as possible in the short time we had!
  • The instructor was amazing. She had some delightful tips and tricks that are very useful.
  • This course was extremely informative and the teacher Joanne Swensrude was EXCELLENT! Thank you very much!
  • I didn't think I'd learn as much as I did but in the end I learned quite a few short cuts I had no idea existed prior. Very happy with the course.

  • The instructor was very interesting and entertaining to listen to. I really enjoyed the entire course, there was a great balance between the lecture and the hands on material, and the instructor had a lot of interesting and handy tips to share. Thanks! I'll be back for level 2.
  • I have been in several of Joanne's courses and am always pleased and impressed with her instruction. She makes it easy to learn.
  •  Amazing! I learned a lot of new information and helpful tips. The instructor was positive, upbeat, and made a computer training course alot of fun and easy to understand. The time flew by.
  • The session was great. The instructor kept a quick pace to the course, while also helping those that needed help, without slowing the course down. I would strongly recommend the course to others.
  • This is the second course I took with Joanne. She is one of the best instructors I've ever had. I really like her style of teaching, I find it very easy to follow and she takes time for all questions. Thank you.
  • Joanne is an excellent instructor, patient, easy to follow and she presented in an interesting/entertaining way making it both fun and interesting. I would recommend her courses to anyone and hope my next one is with her.